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Torture Handjob - Femdom Two Girl Handjob

Femdom Two Girl Handjob

Femdom Two Girl Handjob - Watch Here

Today we have yet another torture handjob video and this one features a two girl femdom handjob that will blow you away. The way these two girls control this guy's cock is truly stunning. I've rarely seen a girl of that age who can work a guy into such a state through a combination of cock torture, teasing and orgasm denial - but in this video you get two of them at once!

To watch this two girl femdom torture handjob video right now, just follow this link...

Torture Handjob Video - Click Here

Handjob Torture - Twisting Cock Torture Handjob

Twisting Cock Torture Handjob

Twisting Cock Torture - Watch Here

Here is another handjob torture video to add to the collection. This one features a girl giving a twisting cock torture handjob that will make your eyes water. If you like seriously hardcore handjobs then you should watch this video. In fact, any fan of rough handjobs, cock torture or post orgasm torture should get this video. I guarantee you will want to keep it and watch it over and over. You can download it now on this link...

Hardcore Handjob - Full Video - Click Here

Handjob Torture Videos - Mistress Cock Abuse

This video is one of a series of handjob torture videos that I will be posting over the next few weeks. It features a sexy blonde Mistress dishing out some hardcore cock abuse to her helpless slave. If you like a good bit of ball slapping and cock slapping action then this is the video for you!

Mistress Cock Abuse

Mistress Cock Slapping - Watch Here

You can't beat a good handjob torture video, especially when it ends like this one - with an intense post orgasm torture session delivered by a hot Mistress. The way she twists the cum-covered end of the guy's cock looks so painful, I'm not surprised he was straining his restraints in an attempt to free himself. If you've never experienced post orgasm torture and you think you'd like to try it - watch this first! You may well change your mind!

You can watch this sexy Mistress give out some serious cock abuse by watching this handjob torture video on this link...

Handjob Torture Video - Click Here

Post Orgasm Torture - Mistress Tortures Cock & Balls

Today's post orgasm torture video features a very sexy Mistress teaching an even hotter younger girl how to torture a guy's cock and balls. The Mistress starts by showing the girl the most sensitive areas around the guy's genitals and demonstrating how to inflict just enough pain so the guy can feel it but still stay hard.

Mistresses Torture Cock and Balls

Cock Torture Student Video - Watch Here

Having got the basics the younger girl takes over and it is soon evident that she is a quick learner. She seems to have an instinct for combining pain and pleasure and takes the guy to the edge of orgasm several times - each time denying him right at the last second. Finally she lets him cum but the Mistress steps in at the last moment to spoil his orgasm and torture the tip of his sensitive cock.

You can watch this post orgasm torture video featuring this sexy Mistress and her hot student by following the link below...

Mistress Spoils Orgasm - Click Here

CFNM Post Orgasm Torture - Punishment Orgasms

This CFNM post orgasm torture video brings a new twist to the idea of punishment orgasms. It is difficult for some people to understand how a male orgasm can be a punishment but there are many ways to turn what should be a pleasurable experience into a punishment. This video shows one way to punish a guy through post orgasm torture.

Punishment Orgasms

CFNM Punishment Orgasm - Watch Here

The two women in this video take the dominant role of policewomen. They have a prisoner they want to interrogate and they make him strip and lie down on a table where his wrists and ankles are shackled. What follows is a masterpiece of tease, orgasm denial, ruined orgasm and post orgasm torture. These two women are absolute experts at punishment orgasms. If you are looking for tips to try at home then this video is a must see.

You can watch this CFNM post orgasm torture video right now on this link...

Policewomen Orgasm Torture - Click Here